Seasons Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

from your friends at Kushi Institute

Dear Friends,
On behalf of founder Michio Kushi, his wife Midori, new general manager Alex Jack, and the teachers and staff of the Kushi Institute, we wish you merry holidays and a bright, healthy 2014. We hope you will join us again to continue your studies and expand your macrobiotic knowledge and horizon. Our exciting palette of programs and other activities includes:

New Weekend Workshops on an array of exciting, practical topics including Healing Hands: Macrobiotic Energy Healing, Your Face Never Lies: Principles and Practice of Oriental Diagnosis, Women’s Health Seminar, The Art of Longevity, Better Brain Health, Tao Yin Yoga, Fun with Nine Star Ki, and Winter Solstice Retreat and Celebration

2014 Summer Conference has a new theme “Bringing It Home,” a redesigned 2-week Macrobiotic Summer Conference in the Berkshires from August 3-16, including:

 – 6 days of lectures and group consultations with Michio Kushi
 – Dozens of classes with world-renowned macrobiotic teachers, counselors, and cooks
 – Hands on workshops, morning exercise, and outdoors activities
 – Panels on recovery, nutritional controversies, women’s health, food quality
 – Natural foods expo, cooking contests, and bake-offs
 – Mixers/socials for singles, seniors, and other incurable romantics
 – Trips to South River Miso, the Norman Rockwell Museum, Tanglewood, etc.
 – Dedication of the Aveline Peace Park, rice paddy, and gala party with the Kushis
 – Attend for 1, 2, 3, 7, or 14 days – an exciting array of options available

Children and Family Week, immediately following Summer Conference, August 17-23, for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents, including hands on cooking classes, swimming and hikes, creative art and theater, a talent show, Nine Star Ki fun & games

Macrobiotic Leadership Training (Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4) are expanded to provide you the knowledge and skills to become a macrobiotic teacher, counselor, or cook. Michio Kushi, for the first time in many years, will meet with Level students beginning in January, February, and March 2014. A new K.I. Level 1 extension program will start in Toronto

Resuming gardening and farming activities for the first time in many years, including growing fresh organic vegetables for K.I. meals, the production of pickles and other natural foods, and the creation of a small rice paddy for the Aveline Peace Park

Our Trend
During the past year, enrollment at the K.I. among younger students and program participants has steadily risen. It is encouraging that macrobiotics is reaching the next generation. As part of this trend, we are developing younger teachers and creating programs and activities that are more contemporary, sportive, artistic, and digitally savvy, as well as healing, strengthening, and revitalizing.

Supporting this trend, Marisa Marinelli, a recent project manager for the New York Ballet and Level 3 graduate, created the fantastic new K.I. video for the Leadership Training Program and helped theme this year’s exciting new Summer Conference. Look for the K.I. to better utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media to spread macrobiotics and reach a wider audience in the coming year.

Winter Beauty at the K.I.
Midori’s holiday wreathes have added a festive glow to the property as the first big snowfall blanketed the grounds. The Berkshires are especially beautiful this time of year. The other morning we saw a rare white mink for the first time. It was darting in and out among the snow-crested rocks on the stonewall leading to the Main House. In Native American mythology, the mink is a spiritual messenger and symbol of walking in balance with keen awareness, joy, and playfulness.

You Can Help
As we count our blessings over the past year and ring in the new, donations to help strengthen Kushi Institute and ensure its future are gratefully appreciated. Your contribution can significantly impact someone’s health, life, and destiny for the better. The K.I. receives no government or corporate support, and our revenues come entirely from tuition, room and board, store and mail-order sales, and the generosity of our students, program participants, alumni, and friends. Your gift will help with:

  •   Year-end operating expenses that help us to get through the frosty New England winter, including angelic bequests for new furnishings for our well-worn facilities
  •   Strengthening macrobiotic education, including development of online programs and distance learning, and support for our Macrobiotic Scholarship Fund

Your donations for items on our Holiday Wish List (see download link below) are also welcome.
On behalf of the rest of Team Kushi, including education manager Edward Esko, other faculty members Bettina Zumdick, Chris Jenkins, and Amber Maisano; administrative manager Sherry Sanders; food services manager Joel Liu; Way of Health hosts Judy and Larry MacKenney; Nancy Segal, Sara Rotenberg, and Leanne Yinger in registrations; Etti Ovadia at the front desk; Bill Shugrue and Matt Napier in the warehouse and store, Ed Daly and Dave Boyd in maintenance, Bob Watroba and Melisa Keith in finance, and our wonderful interns and volunteers, we look forward to an exciting, dynamic 2014.

We pray that the New Year will herald a more healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world and bring you and your loved ones joy, contentment, and many blessings.

In harmony,
Alex Jack, General Manager

P.S. Summer Conference details will be posted on our website as soon as possible. Please register early, as participation is limited.

4 ways to donate!

  1. Download and print the holiday wish list form and mail it to the Kushi Institute with your donation.
  2. Call Kushi Institute directly for immediate processing: Toll-free 1-800-975-8744, local or international calls, 1+(413) 623-6457
  3. Purchase products from Kushi Store!  All proceeds go directly into running our educational programs.
  4. Simply click the “Donate Now” image below.


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