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A beacon of macrobiotic health & healing since 1978.

Learn, heal, and renew in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts

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 Kushi Institute Summer Conference 2015

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Photos by Nancy Adler www.nancyalder.com

The Kushi Institute (K.I.) 2015 Summer Conference was an enormous success. Like the 2014 Conference, the two-week event was held at the K.I. campus in the beautiful Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts. Instead of a big tent like the year before, everyone ate outside in the newly renovated Courtyard Kushi (named after the Courtyard Marriot in Brookline, MA, where frequent meetings with Michio took place.) Nature seemed to be supporting the Conference. The late July and early August weather was clear, sunny, and perfect…(Click here to read more).

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Macro Recipe Contest:tempeh dish-chef simone

Win a One-Week Way to Health – $975 value.

We’re awaiting your tempeh recipes.  Submit your fabulous recipe during November and win a one-week Way to Health program.  We’ll be live-streaming the tasting and judging across our YouTube Channel.  The Judges:  our talented culinary team.

New:  Our Macrobiotic Hotline -$3/min

Call-In:  413.358.2614bettina zumdick

Do you have a dietary, nutritional or lifestyle question?  Do you need a home remedy or advice on cooking for a specific condition?  Bettina Zumdick, a senior Kushi Institute teacher and macrobiotic counselor is available to answer your questions via our MACROBIOTIC HOTLINE.  Bettina will focus on solutions that are practical and realistic.  Keep in mind, however, that all communications are educational in nature only and are not considered medical advice.   

Upcoming Programs and Events:

Chesapeake Bay Retreat – Dec. 13th to 19th

DSC_2432a-edit-980x380Macrobiotic Yoga & Wellness Retreat with Kushi Resident Faculty:  Alex Jack, Bettina Zumdick, and Amber Maisano at the Tilghman Island Inn located in the picturesque Chesapeake Bay.

This week-long retreat, the second of the Kushi Extension Programs, brings Kushi Teachers to Maryland.  Modeled after our successful week-long Way to Health Program where we have guided thousands to health and happiness, teaching the macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle, this program also incorporates daily yoga classes.  Just as macrobiotics is more than food, yoga is more than exercise.  With regular practice, both yoga and macrobiotics help people establish radiant health, enabling them to learn to love life and reach their full potential.  Don’t wait until the New Year to jumpstart your health.  Enroll now!

Join us for a Macrobiotic Thanksgiving Feast!

Executive Chef Simone Parris & the Kushi Culinary Team have a delectable menu of macroadmin-ajax.php favorites planned:  roasted fennel soup, stuffed sole, stuffed winter squash, wild rice chestnut stuffing and shitake mushroom gravy are just a few of the highlights we have planned.  And not to be outdone:  the desserts are also incredible:  pumpkin pie, apple strudel, pecan pie – all vegan and naturally sweetened.  Sign up soon!  This menu is too fabulous for you to miss!

Our Flagship Programs:  

Macrobiotic Leadership Program

Kushi Institute Teacher, Counselor and Chef Training. Click here for dates.

In this outstanding experiential course, you will learn the macrobiotic approach to health and well-being as part of a career track to become a caring, skilled and effective macrobiotic teacher, counselor and chef.  Each level includes courses in cooking, visual diagnosis, healthcare, shiatsu massage and energy balancing.  Level 1 focuses on Personal and Family Health.  Level 2 focuses on Creating Health and Well Being as well as Preventing and Relieving Sickness.  Level 3 focuses on Social Health, the Environment and World Peace.  Levels may be taken in any order.  Each level runs for 1 month and may be taken in whole or in 1-week modules.  Graduates of Levels 1, 2 and 3 may enroll in Level 4 for professional training and certification.

Way to Health Programs

Offered monthly. Click here for dates.

Our Way to Health introductory programs will orient you in a healthy, natural direction. If you can commit a week or even better two, join us for our  Way to Health and Way to Health Plus programs, offered monthly. All three programs have helped thousands of people prevent or relieve cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and other chronic conditions with a balanced natural foods diet and lifestyle practices. Daily cooking classes, lectures and workshops give you the skills to put a well-developed macrobiotic plan in place.  Crunched for time? We also offer a MINI Way to Health!





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Remarkable cancer recoveries

Medically documented cases reviewed by the NCI

  • photo

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2011. I was struggling, feeling very fatigued. I had insomnia for many months and then became depressed. My body was sore 24/7 and I usually woke up tired, experiencing a lot of headaches and anxiety during the night. Many people told me to start working out, but I already had a very active lifestyle. I went through 4 different anti-depressant treatments. I also took Xanax and Lyrica for the pain, but it didn’t help me. Experiencing Fibromyalgia caused me to stay in bed for about 4 to 6 months. This affected all of my relationships. At one point, I felt that cancer would be better than Fibromyalgia. Two years after being on this medicine, I talked with one of my best friends, Salvatore Luccherino. At the time he had a Macrobiotic B&B in Portugal and currently is selling organic tempeh (http://www.salstempeh.com). Salvatore started talking to me about how the Macrobiotic diet could help with Fibromyalgia. I felt so inspired after talking with him that I booked a ticket to Portugal to learn from him in person. I stayed with Salvatore for 2 weeks while he cooked for me and showed me how to start eating a Macrobiotic diet. While I was in Portugal, I had a macrobiotic consultation with Francisco Varatojo who owns a Macrobiotic center in Portugal, (http://www.institutomacrobiotico.com). Francisco saw that my consumption of animal products was very high and recommended that I adjust my diet. After only 2 weeks of eating a macrobiotic diet, my body started to react in a positive way. My energy returned. I finally started smiling again and felt like I was my healthy self again. I was happy, living without pain and sleeping perfectly. After 4 months, I stopped taking all of my medicine for Fibromyalgia . It has now been 2 ½ years since practicing Macrobiotics and after seeing all of the positive changes in my body, I decided to open a wellness center. I now help people and plan to continue to spread the incredible benefits of Macrobiotics. I attended the Healthy Weight Loss Program in March 2014 to get introduced to the Kushi Institute. I have come back to take the Macrobiotic Leadership Program, Level 1. I will be graduating next Friday from the program and will return to finish Level 2, 3 and 4 to further develop my skills. My goal and dream is to open up a healing center in Miami, Florida. I believe everything happens for a reason, I wasn’t expecting to be ill, but I know from my recovery experience that I can help others with Fibromyalgia and other conditions from all that I’ve learned. Please feel to contact me directly to learn more about my story at yesysaad@gmail.com. Attended: Healthy Weight Loss 3/30/2014 Macrobiotic Leadership Program, Level 1 3/29 – 4/25, 2015

    Yesenia Saad,

  • janet-vitt

    In 1995, Janet was diagnosed with small cell adenocarcenoma of the lung, metastasized to the liver, pancreas, abdomen and lymph. Despite medical efforts her condition severely declined to the point where she was bedridden and on oxygen. At this point, her primary care physician suggested she try macrobiotics–and with family and friends supporting her in the preparation of meals, she recovered full, cancer-free health. She is currently still in excellent health, years after a prognosis of certain death.

    JANET VITT, R.N., B.S.N., Lung Cancer

  • Norman-J-Arnolds

    In 1982, while undergoing a routine gallbladder surgery, it was found that Norman Arnold had a large primary cancer at the head of his pancreas, a smaller tumor in a lymph node, and three cancerous lesions on his liver. The biopsy showed a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, a highly aggressive form of cancer.

    NORMAN ARNOLD, Pancreatic Cancer

  • JudyMCopyfaculty72A

    Judy MacKenney was diagnosed in 1991 with metastatic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diagnosed as inoperable and incurable. She underwent chemotherapy. In "temporary remission", she was extremely weak with many painful chemo side-effects. She then began a macrobiotic practice, and within two weeks all her symptoms began to regress. She remains cancer-free, over 22 years later at this point. Her case showed that the effect of macrobiotics is fairly quick in some cases.

    JUDY MACKENNEY, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

  • christiane_northrup

    I have prescribed Michio Kushi's dietary approach for everything from uterine fibroid tumors to menopausal symptoms—with great success.

    Christiane Northrup, M.D., Macrobiotic treatments