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A beacon of macrobiotic health & healing since 1978.

Learn, heal, and renew in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts

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Which Education Program is Right for Me?

Kushi Institute offers a variety of programs to suit your individual needs, health concerns, personal goals, calendar and budget.


The Natural Approach to Breast Cancer

November 14-16

The Kushi Institute has guided hundreds through the recovery of breast cancer.  This weekend workshop is geared towards the prevention, awareness, and recovery of breast cancer through the use of macrobiotic principles.  By incorporating a plant-based diet and lifestyle changes, you will learn to be aware of the body’s individual needs.

The Natural Approach to Breast Cancer attendees are offered a 10% Discount on our core healing program, Way To Health.

Way to Health Program

– 7 Days – Our Flagship Healing Program

has helped thousands of individuals and families prevent or relieve cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and other chronic conditions with a balanced natural foods diet, lifestyle and other mind/body practices.  Daily cooking classes, lectures and workshops give you the skills to put a well-developed macrobiotic plan in place in your life.  Extras include an individual consultation with a senior teacher, shiatsu massage and other personal development sessions.  Offered once each month.

Way to Health Plus Program

– 7 Days – Hands on Cooking

Spend another great week after the Way to Health Program with further instruction and practice in daily cooking, menu planning and meal preparation.  One-to-one guidance makes sure you go home with confidence in your new skills in healthy macrobiotic cooking.

Mini Way to Health Program

– Weekend – Getting You Started

If you can’t take the full WTH or WTH+, this introductory weekend program will orient you in a healthy, natural direction.

Macrobiotic Leadership Program

– 1 to 4 Week Levels – Kushi Institute Teacher, Counselor and Chef Training

In this outstanding experiential course, you will learn the macrobiotic approach to health and well-being as part of a career track to become a caring, skilled and effective macrobiotic teacher, counselor and chef.  Each level includes courses in cooking, visual diagnosis, healthcare, shiatsu massage and energy balancing.  Level 1 focuses on Personal and Family Health.  Level 2 focuses on Creating Health and Well Being as well as Preventing and Relieving Sickness.  Level 3 focuses on Social Health, the Environment and World Peace.  Levels may be taken in any order.  Each level runs for 1 month and may be taken in whole or in 1-week modules.  Graduates of Levels 1, 2 and 3 may enroll in Level 4 for professional training and certification.

7-Day Healthy Weight Loss Program

– 1 Week – Count your Blessings, Not Calories

This popular natural weight loss program is offered four times a year and includes morning exercise, lectures, cooking classes and other activities designed to help you slim down and reduce risks linked to being overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.  On a balanced macrobiotic diet, you can eat to your pancreas’, liver’s and heart’s satisfaction and not need to count calories.

Special Weekend Workshops

– Friday to Sunday – Hands on Healing

Workshops on exciting, practical topics including Healing Hands: Macrobiotic Energy Healing, Your Face Never Lies: Principles and Practice of Oriental Diagnosis, Women’s Health Seminar, The Art of Longevity, Better Brain Health, Tao Yin Yoga, Fun with Nine Star Ki, and Winter Solstice Retreat and Celebration.

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Remarkable cancer recoveries

Medically documented cases reviewed by the NCI

  • My reason for coming to the Kushi Institute was to find the right foods (healing foods) to help my mother with breast cancer and to help my patients. I also wanted to research and investigate if foods caused cancer or illness. But mostly, I wanted to research if foods caused cancer since my mother died of breast cancer. My educational background did not include nutrition education, I didn’t learn a clear association between food and illness. By doing my own research on nutrition relating to illness I found the Kushi Institute on the Internet. I decided to come here to get the knowledge for all my patients. I came here in September 2013 for the first week of the Macrobiotic Leadership Program, Level 1, Module A. I wanted to get the education to help my patients so I could combine Allopathic Medicine with the needed medical treatment and healthy lifestyle practice. In medical school, they always taught us that we should live healthy, but how we do this is the BIG question. The Kushi Institute has a great mission in teaching everyone how to cook for healthy eating, but they also teach you how to do the basics: low impact exercise to relax yourself, to disconnect yourself from one’s own stress, how to visualize yourself in an environment that is in harmony with your inner spirit, etc. From the very first day I learned this. In general, they teach you how to live in harmony and in balance within yourself and with your environment on a daily basis. I’m back for my second and third week of the Macrobiotic Leadership Program, Level 1 Module B & C, for a deeper understanding and learning of the macrobiotic philosophy and lifestyle. Also I am getting more cooking experience. The more I learn and know, the more fascinated I get and it motivates me to come back and keep learning. Now I am understanding how my body works; how my body feels bad with some foods and feels good with other foods. Before macro, I would eat hamburgers with cheese, French fries, and sodas. Now I understand why I felt constipated, bloated, sleepy, and weak. Now that I am practicing the macrobiotic lifestyle, I feel more energetic, I have regular bowel movements, clear thinking, and I feel great in general. The Kushi Institute has become a vacation and retreat for me to get away from my busy practice, a time for self-reflection and to think about my patient’s diseases. I have been taught visual diagnosis; I am learning that just by looking at the face and body of a person, I can get the diagnosis even without asking them a question. These diagnosis courses will help me to do additional diagnosis with my patients when I go home to my practice. Now I know that just by looking at the lower lid of the eye, I can tell how the large intestines and kidneys are doing. I can tell if they are constipated or not. Also I can look at their lower lip and can diagnose constipation. I have taken shiatsu, yoga, meditation, visualization, diagnosis, macrobiotic cooking classes, learned Traditional Chinese Medicine - the principles of Yin and Yang, remedies and compresses. I have had excellent cooking teachers that are accessible and open to answering my questions. They are very knowledgeable. But most importantly to me, they are examples of health in mind, body, and spirit. The campus is beautiful, surrounded by 600 acres of nature. You can feel the energy coming from nature and you are surrounded by people that have a passion to learn more about nutrition and lifestyle changes in a peaceful environment. To other doctors out there, when I feel exhausted and this time I had vertigo when I came, I know I need to go to the Kushi Institute to rejuvenate and get my own energy back. Simultaneously, I am also learning about myself and my patients, it’s a win-win situation. Kushi Institute has a Way To Health program and other programs that can help your patients regain their health. Of course, you don’t have to be a physician to come here. In fact, I am the only doctor from Puerto Rico to come here, but now I know I can send my family and patients here too! I will be not only treating patients but also potentially rescuing them from illness and death.

    Nancy Santini, MD Internal Medicine,

  • janet-vitt

    In 1995, Janet was diagnosed with small cell adenocarcenoma of the lung, metastasized to the liver, pancreas, abdomen and lymph. Despite medical efforts her condition severely declined to the point where she was bedridden and on oxygen. At this point, her primary care physician suggested she try macrobiotics–and with family and friends supporting her in the preparation of meals, she recovered full, cancer-free health. She is currently still in excellent health, years after a prognosis of certain death.

    JANET VITT, R.N., B.S.N., Lung Cancer

  • Norman-J-Arnolds

    In 1982, while undergoing a routine gallbladder surgery, it was found that Norman Arnold had a large primary cancer at the head of his pancreas, a smaller tumor in a lymph node, and three cancerous lesions on his liver. The biopsy showed a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, a highly aggressive form of cancer.

    NORMAN ARNOLD, Pancreatic Cancer

  • JudyMCopyfaculty72A

    Judy MacKenney was diagnosed in 1991 with metastatic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diagnosed as inoperable and incurable. She underwent chemotherapy. In "temporary remission", she was extremely weak with many painful chemo side-effects. She then began a macrobiotic practice, and within two weeks all her symptoms began to regress. She remains cancer-free, over 22 years later at this point. Her case showed that the effect of macrobiotics is fairly quick in some cases.

    JUDY MACKENNEY, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

  • christiane_northrup

    I have prescribed Michio Kushi's dietary approach for everything from uterine fibroid tumors to menopausal symptoms—with great success.

    Christiane Northrup, M.D., Macrobiotic treatments