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Way to Health

Week-long Sunday to Saturday

Way-to-HealthOur expert faculty provides step-by-step guidance, making Way to Health the best program choice for people who would like to use macrobiotics to support recovery from a serious illness, or those that want a “quick start” to optimizing their already good health.

To maximize what you learn in Way to Health, stay on for one more great week and get hands-on cooking and menu planning practice in the Way to Health PLUS program. This 2-week program option is the ideal way to help you achieve your health and healing goals.  Learn more.

Way to Health PLUS

Week-long Sunday to Saturday

Way-to-Health-PLUS1After attending Way to Health (or other macrobiotic classes), our Way to Health PLUS program gives you daily hands-on experiential practice in cooking and menu planning. You’ll see for yourself how easy it is to make healthy macrobiotic meals delicious!  There’s also time for yourself most afternoons to either enjoy the rich local culture of the Berkshires, stroll along our lovely country roads, have a massage or other private session, or simply relax at our scenic location.

People who attended both programs in a row consistently tell us the second week of hands on practice made a huge difference in their ability and confidence incorporating macrobiotic meals in their life when they returned home. Learn more.

MINI Way to Health

Extended Weekend Thursday to Sunday

Mini-Way-to-HealthCrunched for time?  We offer a shorter version of our flagship Way to Health program. If time or money constraints prevent you from coming to our week-long programs, MINI Way to Health is a great solution.  Attending MINI Way to Health also qualifies you to attend our cooking intensive Way to Health PLUS at a future date. Learn more.


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