Macrobiotic Counseling

Personal Macrobiotic Counseling

Macrobiotic counseling sessions offer the opportunity to meet with a qualified macrobiotic counselor to discuss how to fine-tune the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to your personal needs.

The session includes a macrobiotic health assessment, discussion of the macrobiotic view of the cause of your present health problems, and personalized dietary, lifestyle, and home remedy recommendations.

The members of our counseling staff have all trained with Michio Kushi, and are qualified to assess your condition using traditional methods of Oriental health evaluation.


Family members and friends who will be supporting you may sit in on your consultation at no additional charge. One other person may have a consultation along with yours during your session for an extended time frame and the “couple” fee.

Comprehensive follow-up services are available, including re-visit counseling sessions and the opportunity to discuss your changing needs with your counselor or assistant over the phone or Skype.

In order to fully understand your counselor’s suggestions and put them into effect correctly, we suggest you participate in the Kushi Institute’s week-long Way to Health program. In this program you will receive daily cooking classes plus home remedy preparation instruction, menu planning workshops, and sessions on the principles. The whole week revolves around the macrobiotic “healing” diet. This program is offered once per month most months of the year. If you are attending the Way to Health Program your consultation may take place during the program week.

For those that wish additional support after your Way to Health program and counseling session, please call us to inquire about our follow-up support services.

Kushi Institute Senior Teacher Counseling Fees:

Single ~ $325
Couple ~ $600

In a Program
Single ~ $275
Couple ~ $500
Each additional person ~ $100
Phone ~ $325

Single ~ $375
Couple ~ $650
Each additional person ~ $100

Single ~ $275
Couple ~ $500
Each additional person ~ $100

Revisit In a Program
Single ~ $225
Couple ~ $400
Each additional person ~ $100

* Prices are subject to change

Please call 1-800-975-8744 for program registration or more information

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