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Judy-MacKenney-Donations-page-testimonial-edited“Kushi Institute teachers showed me how cancer did not have to be a death sentence. 2013 is my 22nd year cancer-free since I was told by my doctor there was no cure for my stage 4 metastatic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Macrobiotics also relieved my husband Larry from bursitis and tendonitis. Along with healing, there are countless ways macrobiotics has made both our lives more meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling. We will always be grateful to Kushi Institute.”  ~ Judy MacKenney


Spring Greetings from Executive Director, Alex Jack

Dear Friends,

Like others around the world, we celebrate the coming of spring. After the long, cold winter, we revel in the return of the light, the planting of the first seeds, and the arrival of colorful songbirds and flowers.

In an era of climate change, our small mountain community fared well with the severe winter.  A small, but hardy, group of people braved the elements to come to the Way to Health, Way to Health Plus, Level 1, 2, and 3, and other programs. Along with the teachers, staff and volunteers, they shared miso soup, brown rice, veggies, and other delicious, wholesome foods together in a spirit of friendship and marveled at the lustrous beauty of nature. For the first time since coming to the Berkshires a generation ago, I saw a moose in the wild!

Here is a sampling of comments from our Winter participants:

  • “When I first got here, I was experiencing stiffness and pain. I’m so surprised that now I’m getting up without this painful stiffness!”
  • “I feel very relaxed. Haven’t felt like this in years! I’m ready to go back home and incorporate macrobiotics into my life.”
  • “Morning exercise helped with flexibility and energy. Digestion and elimination improved. Wonderful meals! Great cooking classes!”
  • “I love the food, the cooking experiences, the morning exercise, and the shiatsu as well as the friendliness of the staff.”
  • “I loved socializing with like-minded people and lots of learning—plus good rest at night and for naps.”

The chief lesson we learned from Father Winter this year was that we must find new, renewable sources of energy. In the days ahead, we are continuing to research conversion to environmentally mindful wood, solar, solar thermal, and other natural energy systems that could replace the fossil fuels we currently depend upon. Changing our energy diet is as important as changing our food pattern. This spring we will start organic gardening on the property for the first time in twenty years and hope to grow a modest amount of our own veggies, fruits, and even some grains. This year’s Summer Conference will be hosted on Kushi Institute grounds, attracting an exciting new energy to our campus, featuring special lectures by Michio Kushi and world renown macrobiotic teachers.

As a small educational nonprofit, we appeal to you for donations to help us as we prepare for spring. Registrations are starting to rise with warmer weather, but we need your help to kick-start new and exciting projects. The Kushi Institute is entirely dependent on tuition, room and board fees, and the generosity of our students, alumni, friends, and the general public. In response to our Winter appeal in December, we received over $16,000 in donations. We can not thank you enough! Whether you can afford $10, $25, $100, or $1,000, your contribution will help to support macrobiotic education and make a difference in someone’s health and well-being. We hope you will be as generous this spring.

Please contribute to our Spring Appeal. Tax-deductible checks payable to “Kushi Institute” may be sent to Kushi Institute, 198 Leland Road, Becket MA 01223.  All donors will be acknowledged on a new Donors’ Page on our website and receive a special Spring discount coupon from the K.I. Mail-order Store.

On behalf of Michio and Midori Kushi, the teachers, staff, and volunteers of the Kushi Institute, and our global community, thank you for your prayers, support, and good energy as we journey together on the macrobiotic path.

In harmony,

Alex Jack
Executive Director

How to make a tax-deductible donation to Kushi Institute:

1)     Simply click the link at the bottom of the page or
2)     Call Kushi Institute directly for immediate processing: Toll-free 1-800-975-8744 • Local or international calls,
        1+(413) 623-6457
3)     Purchase products from Kushi Store!  All proceeds go directly into running our educational programs


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