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“Kushi Institute teachers showed me how cancer did not have to be a death sentence. 2013 is my 22nd year cancer-free since I was told by my doctor there was no cure for my stage 4 metastatic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Macrobiotics also relieved my husband Larry from bursitis and tendonitis. Along with healing, there are countless ways macrobiotics has made both our lives more meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling. We will always be grateful to Kushi Institute.”  ~ Judy MacKenney



End of the Year Greetings from Executive Director, Alex Jack 












Dear Friends of Kushi Institute,

Thank you very much for joining us at K.I. this past year. 2014 marked a new beginning for Kushi Institute. As you know, everything develops in cycles, and K.I. is no exception. According to our macrobiotic teachings, the year 2014 has energy like that of the year 1978, the year in which Kushi Institute began in Boston. Those of us who remember 1978 share the feeling that 2014 marked the completion of the first cycle in the development of Kushi Institute and the beginning of what could well be the most pivotal era in macrobiotic history.

The high point of the year was our annual Macrobiotic Summer Conference in August. For the first time we held it on our spacious 600-acre campus. Over the course of two weeks, over 200 guests ate delicious daily meals under a big tent and attended lectures by Michio Kushi and macrobiotic teachers, cooks, and practitioners from around the world. A special Gala fundraising dinner on August 15 was prepared by gourmet chefs Eric Lechasseur and Sanae Suzuki, and people danced under the stars. The Gala raised $16,000 for the Kushi Foundation.

The following comments by Jane and Lino Stanchich, long-time macrobiotic teachers and members of our Summer Conference guest faculty, are typical of the overwhelmingly positive response to this groundbreaking event: “The 2014 Kushi Institute Summer Conference was like being in Macrobiotic Heaven! To be in beautiful Becket, on the campus of Kushi Institute, with other macrobiotic teachers and friends who share our philosophy, diet, and way of life, was embracing, stimulating, and nurturing. Hearing Michio’s extraordinary lectures provoked deeper thinking and spiritual inspiration.” Popular macrobiotic teachers Christina and Robert Pirello were even more emphatic. They told us, “Don’t ever go back [to hotels and corporate conference centers]. Keep the Conference here at K.I.!”

Upcoming Kushi Events

In addition to our core Way to Health and Levels programs, we have offered special seminars this fall on the Macrobiotic Approach to Crohn’s and Colitis, Breast Cancer, Women’s Health, and Gourmet Holiday Cooking. In the spirit of the season, from December 28 to January 2, we will be offering a New Year’s Retreat with festive daily cooking classes, Nine Star Ki predictions, energy healing, and empowerment training. The New Year’s Retreat will feature guest faculty Sheri Demaris and Phil Jannetta among others.

Our 2015 program is already in place. Aside from core Macrobiotic Leadership Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Way to Health Programs, new Kushi Institute programs include a weeklong Macrobiotic Yoga Retreat, a K.I. Alumni Week, and seminars with visiting faculty Jane and Lino Stanchich, Robert and Christina Pirello, Virginia Harper, and other leading teachers.

In addition, we plan to mark Michio’s 89th birthday with a special 3-day Spring Gala in mid May. Then from July 26 to August 9, Summer Conference will be held once again on the K.I. campus. We are now accepting early registrations for both of these special events. Our wonderful Summer Conference director, Marisa Marinelli, has just posted the dynamic new video highlights of last year’s Summer Conference on the website page.  Click here

Please register early, as rooms on campus will quickly sell out. Prices will also go up January 31, so book your place now!

Kushi Needs Your Support

This year, the Kushi Institute established an Annual Fund to support ongoing operations. As with other private schools and non-profits, the Annual Fund helps the Institute cover monthly operating shortfalls, meet expenses, and develop new products and services. To date, we have raised $75,000 in donations toward our Annual Fund goal of $125,000. In addition to developing and improving our programs, services, and facilities, we have a number of needs moving forward:

1. Heating the Main House. As we enter the colder months, we now face challenges heating and maintaining our facilities, especially the Main House. Heating costs can run to $10, 000 per month from December through March.

2. Marketing and Promotion. To reach a wider audience, Kushi Institute plans to expand its Media Department. Using a variety of media, including Internet, print, social media, direct marketing, film, online classes, webinars, and other channels, K.I. hopes to increase participation in K.I. programs and services. Funds donated to the Annual Fund will help support the launch and promotion of the Summer Conference, Spring Gala, core programs, and special programs such as Crohn’s, Psoriasis, and Breast Cancer

3. Scientific and Medical Research. We just finished our first Breast Cancer Seminar in mid- November. The response was awesome, and two attendees, a senior nutritionist at Tufts University and a medical doctor at Johns Hopkins University, approached us and volunteered to design and oversee the first ever random case control study of the macrobiotic approach to cancer at K.I.! They would recruit and send people to our Way to Health and Way to Health Plus programs. Funding is urgently needed to develop this pioneer project

Over the winter, with the Kushis, guest teachers, and input from program participants such as yourself, we will be developing a 10-year vision, a 5-year strategic plan, and a 3-year plan for a balanced budget. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for K.I. expansion and development and invite you to participate in our 2015 activities and make a donation to our Annual Fund. Whether you give $20, $50, $100, or $1000 or more, your gift is gratefully appreciated and will be acknowledged in our new annual Stewardship Report. See last year’s report is on the K.I. website. Gifts of $100 or more will receive a complimentary copy of Michio Kushi’s new Macrobiotic Home Remedies, the first fully revised and expanded edition of this classic work in 25 years.

Click here to view our new Stewardship Report, detailing K.I. finances over the last several years. It is time to create a certain and secure future for K.I. by developing a 10-year vision, a 5-year strategic plan, and a 3-year plan for a balanced budget. I invite you to participate in our autumn/winter activities and make a donation to our Annual Fund. Whether you give $10, $20, $50, $100, or $1000, your gift is gratefully appreciated and will be acknowledged on our new Donors’ Page.

With your support, participation, and prayers, Kushi Institute will continue to develop, prosper, and thrive, help humanity pass through this critical time, and enter a healthful, sustainable, and peaceful future. We have never been more optimistic about the future of Kushi Institute and invite you to help us create this future. Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to make Kushi Institute the world center for macrobiotic learning and a beacon for personal growth, self-development, and healing. We very much want to make Kushi Institute your place for macrobiotic learning, enjoyment, and community.

On behalf of the Kushis, the faculty, and staff, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a bright, healthy New Year.

Warm wishes,

Alex Jack
Executive Director

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