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Spring Equinox at Kushi Institute
Spring is beginning to awaken us with bright new energy at Kushi Institute. The Equinox marks the midpoint when day and night are equal in a state of perfect equilibrium, or as we like to say—balance.

We thank you for your support of Kushi Institute in its mission to preserve the Kushi legacy and further our common dream of a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world. The legacy lives on in Michio’s timeless vision and teachings, which Kushi Institute exists to preserve, develop, and spread in America and around the world.

We are committed more than ever to serving as a unifying force in the worldwide macrobiotic community by teaming with macrobiotic teachers and leaders throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Annual Fund
K.I. staff, students, graduates and faculty are donating to our annual fund which was launched on our website last year and was instrumental to help us make ends meet during the long, harsh winter. As with other private schools and nonprofits, the Annual Fund helps the Institute cover monthly operating shortfalls, meet expenses, and develop new products and services. To donate to the Annual Fund, click here

Summer Conference – at Kushi Institute again this year! July 26 – August 9
Michio directed a huge change last year by extending the conference to two weeks, hosting it on K.I. property and inviting visiting teachers as K.I. Guest Faculty. It was an exciting, invigorating, and bonding experience for our many guests over the two weeks, and we are expecting a banner Summer Conference 2015. To register for Summer Conference click here

One Peaceful World Day – landmark event dedicated to the legacy of Michio Kushi May 16 – 17
OPW Day will be celebrated at Kushi Institute in commemoration of Michio’s birthday, May 17th by awarding the 1st annual Michio Kushi Peace Prize.

The Peace Prize Committee will select the recipient from a group of nominees. Committee members include leading members of the macrobiotic community including Bill Tara, Christina Pirello, Chico Varatojo, Jane Stanchich, Patricio Garcia de Paredes, and Denny Waxman.

This year’s nominees for the award include former Congressman and presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, Neal Bernard, M.D., and others. We hope to see One Peaceful World Day become a global event with commemorations and celebrations taking place around the world on May 17. To register for this historic event click here

Macrobiotic Breast Cancer Study
The researchers from Tufts University and John Hopkins School of Medicine are working with K.I. to develop the protocol for this potentially groundbreaking study. The goal is to recruit 40 women with advanced breast cancer and enroll them in the K.I. Way to Health Residential Program. The women would receive personal guidance and follow up in addition to participating in week-long seminars held every three months. The study would continue for one year and a variety of biomarkers would be documented and compared to a control group. This study has the potential to change the medical approach to breast and other forms of cancer, so that a natural plant-based diet becomes essential to cancer treatment and recovery.

This project represents the fulfillment of Michio and Aveline’s decades’ long dream. The lead researchers at Tufts and John Hopkins will give a keynote address at the Summer Conference Gala on Friday, August 7. To register for this special event click here

As you can see, many exciting new developments are taking place. K.I. is on the cusp of a new era, symbolized by the Equinox and progression toward a bright, healthy future. Please help us preserve Michio’s legacy and further his dream by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Kushi Institute Annual Fund. Your tax-deductible donation will help advance the above and other exciting and meaningful projects. To donate to the Annual Fund, click here

Michio Kushi Archive Project
Since the 1980s, K.I. has been recording Michio’s lectures on videotape. Some of Michio’s videos are in the K.I. Library and are available for students to view. Most are stored on the third floor of the Main House. There are approximately 350 original lectures on VHS tape with an incredible range of topics, from spirituality to healing sickness, from cosmology to agriculture, from 9 Star Ki to home remedies, from the cause and cure of sickness to the establishment of One Peaceful World.

This collection represents the most complete record of Michio’s teaching available anywhere. Many of the tapes are decades old and are in danger of degradation to the point of no longer being usable. To preserve Michio’s teachings for future generations, it is imperative that the VHS tapes be converted to more permanent digital format. K.I. is in urgent need of funds to implement this vitally important project to preserve Michio’s timeless and priceless teachings. To support the Michio Kushi Archive Project, donate to the annual fund click here

On behalf of our wonderful K.I. Staff, Resident and Guest Faculty, we thank you for your active participation, support, and encouragement.

Alex Jack                                                                   Edward Esko
Executive Director                                                  Associate Director/Dean of Faculty

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