Controlling Crohn's & Colitis

with Virginia Harper


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August 28 – September 3, 2016

In this workshop, you will learn take-home tools for alleviating painful digestive symptoms while gaining an understanding of digestive regeneration from the Macrobiotic perspective. Whether IBS or severe cases of Crohn’s and Colitis, total healing is possible when you know the process.

When eating causes pain, it means the digestive system is not working properly. One of the main marks of struggling digestion is inflammation.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a broad category that includes Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and other gut- ill-defined conditions. Today, IBD is the fastest growing ailment next to heart disease and cancer. The CDC reports a peak age of onset between 15 and 30 years old. Ulcerative Colitis is slightly more common in males, whereas Crohn’s Disease is marginally more frequent in women. Both diseases are more prevalent in developed countries.

There are many theories as to the cause of inflammatory bowel disorders. Invasive viruses, negative bacteria, leaky gut, genetics and environment are just a few. While theories pile up, the long-term prognosis is poor. Up to 75% of patients with Crohn’s Disease and 25% of those with Ulcerative Colitis will require surgery.

Guest teacher Virginia M. Harper was overwhelmed by statistics and theories when faced with the debilitating diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. She suffered through symptoms, hospital stays and prescription drug side effects for the next seven years. When Virginia chose to redirect her treatment to a gentler, more natural way to avoid medically proposed surgeries, her body responded with health. In 2002, she was pronounced Crohn’s free after undergoing an exploratory colonoscopy.

Over 35 years since her original diagnosis, Virginia has enjoyed a full life managing her health instead her disease. She shares her healing journey in her book “Controlling Crohn’s Disease the Natural Way,” now in its third printing. Virginia completed Kushi Institute’s macrobiotic leadership program in 1998 and is a certified macrobiotic counselor practicing in Franklin, Tennessee.

About Virginia M. Harper
Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Takayasu Arteritis at age 23, Virginia M. Harper was terminally ill and given little chance of survival. She was depressed and bedridden after suffering a stroke, at 19 years old, and being prescribed surgery and steroids for both of her conditions, yet held out hope for better options.

Adopting Macrobiotics, Virginia began a program of preparing and eating whole foods and learned to change her lifestyle to accommodate her body’s specific needs. She was symptom free within months. This relief came after seven years of suffering the painful symptoms of digestive inflammation that required several stays in the hospital. The healing experience taught her the important connection between food and health. She noticed that as her health was restored, her body also became flexible and sustained a healthy weight. Her recovery not only gave her complete relief from her illnesses, but also a life full of energy and vitality.

During 35 years of glowing health, she has shared her knowledge of healing practices that sustain lifelong health. For the last 20 years she has consulted with clients all over the world. Her focus is educating people – young and old – on Healing their mind, body and spirit with Whole Foods. Her expertise is in facilitating healing of the digestive track at any stage of debility. The macrobiotic principles she uses compliment medical treatment and are compatible with all religions, cultures and programs.
Virginia is recognized as one of the leading macrobiotic counselors. She is also the author of Controlling Crohn’s Disease the Natural Way, now in its fifth edition. Her focus on crohn’s and ulcerative colitis is motivated from her miraculous recovery and the epidemic rise of IBD in the developed world today.

Virginia is founder and director of You Can Heal You…one meal at a time, which teaches people how they can heal themselves from any digestive distress. During a 10 -day residential intensive program people are taught, one on one, how to replace detrimental lifestyle habits with health promoting foods and behaviors that enable them to reclaim their health. YCHY also provides ongoing personal coaching to help people integrate their new skills into their everyday lives.
Due to the staggering number of young people affected by digestive disease, Virginia also founded Kids Healing Crohn’s & Colitis, a non-profit foundation as an educational support for parents and children.

Virginia divides her time working from her home base in Franklin, TN and Alicante, Spain where she is a Macrobiotic Counselor for Sha Wellness Clinic. She enjoys speaking to various groups in the U.S., Canada, and Europe and is also on the advisory board of Americas Ten City Challenge as well as one of their corporate coaches.

Click here for a sample  Controlling Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis program schedule.

Program Fee – $975
Includes full program, gourmet macrobiotic meals and any personal macrobiotic remedies.

Airport shuttle to and from Bradley International Airport (serves Hartford, CT) is only available on program arrival and departure days at specific times. $75 each way. Contact us for details.

To register or for more information call 1-800-975-8744 or international 1-413-623-6457 or visit


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