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Ken Courage

Ken Courage has served for many years on the Kushi Foundation Board of Directors having been honored to be invited by Michio Kushi to join the Board.  He was influenced by his late wife, Sherry, a Kushi Institute Level IV graduate, to practice and study Macrobiotics.  He was the President, CEO and Chairman of The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, a full service specialty hospital and healthcare system, for nearly twenty years before recently retiring.  He is a past Chairman of the Board for the District of Columbia Hospital Association and the Washington Waldorf School, where he was also a long-standing board member.  He has been a member of numerous additional boards and advisory boards including the Board of Overseers at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Social Policy and Practice, the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, and the Pine Hill Waldorf School.  He co-founded and was the Director of numerous health and welfare organizations that included hospital management firms, a clinical trials company, urban housing services, and behavioral healthcare.  His professional experience also had him managing twenty-five specialty hospitals throughout the U.S., as a Hospital Division CEO.  He also served as the CEO of hospitals in NY, PA and NH.
Ken is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.


Angelica Kushi
Angelica Kushi is a yoga teacher, macrobiotic health & wellness educator, aerial performer and stunt woman.  Born and raised in a macrobiotic home, her education stems from a lifetime of living a holistic lifestyle.  She has been greatly influenced by her parents, Haruo and Gabriele Kushi, and grandparents, Michio and Aveline, work with macrobiotic teachings and epidemiological research.  A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, her formal training includes studies at the Kushi Institute, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and extensive studies in yoga and Tibetan Buddhism with the Asian Classic Institute and Yoga Studies Institute.  Her passion is to provide people with easy and accessible tools to live a healthy lifestyle so they can live their wildest dreams.  She is honored to sit on the Kushi Foundation Board of Directors, which she joined in October 2016.


Haruo “Larry” Kushi

Haruo Kushi, also known as Larry, is the second son of Michio and Aveline Kushi.  Growing up in the center of the macrobiotic movement in Boston with literally thousands of guests who passed through his childhood homes, he has been an observer and participant in the great adventure that is the macrobiotic way of life.  As an epidemiologist with research interests in nutrition and cancer, he has published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, and led research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health with budgets totaling over $50 million.  He has served on numerous advisory boards for ongoing research projects in nutrition and cancer, as well as on committees for organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Public Health Association, the American Society of Preventive Oncology, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  A graduate of Amherst College and the Harvard School of Public Health, he has held research and faculty positions at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the University of Minnesota, Columbia University, and Kaiser Permanente Northern California, where he is Director of Scientific Policy in its Division of Research.

Michael Potter with Eden Foods-thumb-200x207-47732

Michael Potter
Michael Potter has been a dedicated student of macrobiotics, and natural foods pioneer beginning in 1969.  He has worked continuously at Eden Foods, the market leader in high-quality natural food products, since 1970, and as its leader since 1972.  His non-profit management experience includes work as a Founding Director of the Soyfoods Association from 1984 though 1987, and as an Executive Director for the Non-GMO Project since 2008.  At the request of Michio and Midori Kushi, Michael began efforts to strengthen the Kushi Institute in 2013, and was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Kushi Foundation in 2015.

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