Way to Health Plus

Program Description:

This program provides a totally hands on approach to macrobiotic cooking! In this week-long continuation of our popular Way to Health youll practice menu planning and preparing meals that are delicious, super-nutritious, and quick to make (15 to 20 minutes) under the expert guidance of Kushi Institute cooking faculty. Whatever cooking skills youd like to gain, this is your opportunity to work directly with our seasoned chefs!

In the Way to Health Plus program you will improve you culinary skills, learn to use common macrobiotic kitchen equipment (such as a pressure cooker and suribachi), whiling planning healthful, delicious meals that will add variety to your daily life. You will also learn delicious recipes for satisfying condiments and seasonings that add nutrition to your dishes. Whether you cook for 1, 2 or 10, this is a great opportunity to develop your palette and techniques. Some of our seasonal recipe highlights include tasty sauces and dressing, pressed salads, quick and easy desserts, delicious sea vegetables! Download a sample class schedule here.

When youre able to prepare meals quickly and easily, youre much more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan!

Program Prerequisites:

Some familiarity with macrobiotic foods and preparation is required. You are eligible if youve done any of the following:

  • Previously attended a Kushi Institute program or another macrobiotic cooking program
  • Studying cooking with a macrobiotic chef
  • Attended Way to Health the week prior to Way to Health Plus


Transitioning to a healthy, balanced macrobiotic diet and lifestyle can alleviate and sometimes reverse common aliments and conditions, in addition to increasing energy and creating a healthy appetite. Resulting in rejuvenating sleep, peace of mind, and happiness.

Private Sessions:

We have a variety of private sessions available including dietary and lifestyle counseling, shiatsu massage, yoga, bodywork, and menu planning/cooking. Please click here for details.


I was hoping for changes in my condition, and wasnt disappointed. I lost weight, enjoyed daily exercise, learned the foundation for a new and healthier lifestyle, interacted with knowledgeable, personable staff and teachers-for an incredible, incomparable metamorphosis. Sheryl Allen

During Way to Health PLUS, I learned so much more than I thought I would, and got lots of hands-on experience. Im very thankful! Dixie Saint-Martin, Canada