Sunday Yoga Pilates

Free Sunday Yoga & Pilates

Masumi Goldman, Kushi graduate, is the co-creator of Two Fit Moms, a lifestyle brand committed to yoga & wellness.

Benefits of Yoga: Just as macrobiotics is more than food, yoga is more than exercise. With regular practice, yoga helps people learn to love life and be free in their thinking. When your health is good, your mind is clear and you become more capable of embracing the beauty in your life.

Benefits of Pilates: By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, Pilates helps create body attune-ment. Proper breathing is essential, and helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. Last but not least, learning to breathe properly can reduce stress.

Sunday Brunch: Every Sunday we prepare a delicious vegan Sunday Brunch. Our food is organically grown and we always have gluten-free options. Our Culinary Team is skilled in the art of macrobiotic cuisine. A sampling of our delectable dishes: nutritious whole grain entrees, vegan stews, vegetarian sushi, stir-fries, pressed salads, miso soup, sea vegetables sautéed with corn and onion, winter vegetable and bean purees, dips, sauces, tempura, and naturally sweetened desserts. Taste for yourself the delicious foods that are an essential part of a health-conscious diet!

Introducing our Resident & Guest Teachers:


BETTINA ZUMDICK. Kushi Institute Teacher, Counselor, Yoga Teacher, and Author. A native of Germany, Bettina studied nutrition at the University of Muenster. Involved in macrobiotics for over 30 years, Bettina teaches macrobiotic cooking, diagnosis and philosophy along with other mind – body – spirit topics. She promotes the foundation for a life filled with joy, health, and meaning. Whether your challenges are of a physical, emotional or mental nature, she focuses on answers that are both practical and realistic. She is the author of the book Authentic Foods and currently oversees the dietary guidelines for the Kushi Institute’s forthcoming medical study with Tufts University on the macrobiotic approach to breast cancer. Bettinas Website:

BILL FAIRCHILD. A former Financial Planner, Bill was introduced to the practice of yoga by his daughter who suggested he attend a vinyasa class with her in LA. Fast forward six years: wanting to deepen his practice and transform his life through personal growth and yoga, Bill completed the Yoga Teachers Training at Sacred Rivers Yoga in Glastonbury. In addition to his training in the principles of hatha yoga, Bill has dedicated continuous years to the practice of Bikram yoga. He regularly incorporates the Bikram approach into his classes. Bill plans to complete a Bikram training in 2016 in Thailand. Bills tailors his classes to his students, with his approach being both gentle and strong, but most of all connecting to the heart of yoga and the heart of his students.

SARA ROSS. Formerly a CPA, Sara is a resident in the Berkshires during our beautiful summer season. The rest of the time, she migrates to warmer climes. Sara is a long-time proponent of the macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle for optimum health. She incorporates her dedication to fitness into her yoga teaching.


SEAN GALLAGHER. Sean is the founder and director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy, located in the heart of Manhattan. A former professional dancer of ten years as well as a Physical Therapist, Sean has developed the most comprehensive self-care program available to dancers and performers today. Sean is also the owner of The New York Pilates Studio®, considered to be a continuation of Joe Pilates original studio. Using extensive Pilates archives, he developed the first professional Pilates Teacher Training Certification; his curriculum is considered to the gold standard for trainings worldwide. Sean was also instrumental in integrating Authentic Pilates into physical therapy since the early 90s. A proponent of solid nutrition as the basis for fitness, Sean has received a Masters Degree in clinical nutrition from University of Bridgeport and has his training as a Macrobiotic Counselor at the Kushi Institute. A part-time resident of the Berkshires, Sean keeps the dancers fit at Jacobs Pillows and teaches Pilates at Kushi during the summer months.