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Designed to educate, invigorate, and empower you to live life in a healthy, thriving manner.

From the day you arrive, you begin enjoying and benefiting from our delicious, health supporting meals, programs and retreat-like atmosphere. Add to this experience with a range of private session offerings designed to educate, invigorate, and empower you to live a healthy, thriving life. Feel renewed from the inside-out, benefiting from the Institutes skilled macrobiotic counselors and body work practitioners.

Appointments can be arranged before your arrival or booked during your stay, depending on availability and schedule.

Macrobiotic Counseling

with Kushi Institute Senior Counselors

Macrobiotics works best to support improved health when it is adjusted for the individual. In a private session, the counselor uses macrobiotic visual diagnosis along with other factors in your health and life to create a personalized, practical plan. Youll receive written instructions on a comprehensive form completed during the session, plus a dietary guidelines booklet with specific adjustments and recommendations from the counselor.

Note: Kushi Institute counselors have all trained with Michio Kushi, and are qualified to assess your condition using traditional methods of Oriental health evaluation.

with Bettina Zumdick

Do you have a dietary, nutritional or lifestyle question? Do you need a home remedy or advice on cooking for a specific condition? Bettina Zumdick, a senior Kushi Institute teacher and macrobiotic counselor, will answer your personal questions.

Bettina has 30 years experience in the field of macrobiotic counseling. She teaches cooking, diagnosis and health care and has over 20 years experience parenting. She is currently overseeing the dietary guidelines for our forthcoming medical study with Tufts University on the macrobiotic approach to breast cancer.

During your telephone session, Bettina will focus on solutions for you that are practical and realistic. Your questions may include physical, emotional or mental challenges that are going on in your life. Please note that all guidance is educational and is not to be considered medical advice.

Your hot- line session lasts for 10-15 minutes. For a complete 90-minute macrobiotic consultation including visual diagnosis and comprehensive dietary guidelines, please call us 413.623.6457 to schedule a personal, phone, or Skype session.

Shiatsu Therapy

with Michael Joutras

Shiatsu literally translated means finger pressure. We strongly recommend Shiatsu therapy to anyone who wants to use a holistic approach to recover health or improve present health conditions.

The purpose of Shiatsu therapy is restoration of the holistic nature of the clients body, mind and spirit, to a condition where peace and harmony replace disorder. According to oriental medicine, of which Shiatsu is an intrinsic part, the body has twelve basic energy channels called meridians. These form the energetic background of the visible anatomic organs and are the source of all vital functions. Therefore, each meridian corresponds to an organ system such as the kidney meridian, spleen meridian, lung meridian, etc.

Practitioners apply pressure along the meridians, promoting the bodys ability to heal itself. It also re-energizes the optimal flow of life energy, also known as ki, in addition to increasing the blood flow to all vital organs and systems of the body, reducing muscle tension and stress.

Sessions last about an hour, and include an evaluation of general energy flow and vitality, the dissolving of energy blockages in the meridians, application of pressure to meridian points along meridians on the back, torso, legs, arms and head, and gentle stretches and rotations of the arms and legs to eliminate any energetic stagnation in the joints. After a treatment clients usually feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated, and experience a sense of deeper harmony and wholeness.

Macrobiotic Menu planning

with Chef Esther Ovadia

During this session the teacher/counselor will help you design a week-long menu plan that is balanced and manageable in your life. If you have previously had a consultation the menu planning session will take the counselors recommendations into consideration. In this case it is helpful to bring the counselors recommendations to the menu planning session.

Nine Star Ki

with Alex Jack or Edward Esko

Also known as Feng Shui Astrology, Nine Star Ki is a simple, practical approach to managing your destiny. A session includes a character analysis, a 12-month forecast and advice on career, relationships, family, health and travel.