Program Description:

Our MINI Way to Health program is a shorter version of our popular, week-long Way to Health program, but it gives you so much! Youll get the keys to creating great health through 11 classes and workshops (including daily cooking and home remedy courses), with expert faculty guiding you in the macrobiotic approach to health and healing. Learn how macrobiotics can help you overcome illness and achieve health. This abbreviated, yet comprehensive introduction to macrobiotics is perfect for someone crunched for time or on a budget!

You will start to benefit immediately as you enjoy our wonderful meals, prepared by world-class macrobiotic chefs and participate in our morning exercise classes to get your lymph system moving and boost natural immunity and vitality. Over the course of the weekend you will learn which foods have powerful healing qualities and which to limit or avoid for better health. Youll also learn how to fit healthy macrobiotic cooking into your busy life through menu planning and tips on being successful at home.

We will provide you with the resources to achieve your goals and maintain a personal practice at home. Upon completion of the program you will have the tools and knowledge to continue your path to recovery with a strong foundation for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the program we highly recommend you register for a private consultation with one of our experienced counselors. They will tailor the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to your particular needs, which can make all the difference in your ability to reach your health goals. Counseling fee with registration: $325.00

Food and lifestyle choices DO make a difference in your health and ability to heal. The MINI Way to Health program could be the most important weekend of your life!


Transitioning to a healthy, balanced macrobiotic diet and lifestyle can help alleviate and sometimes reverse:

Additionally, following a macrobiotic lifestyle can lead to an abundance of energy, a healthy appetite, restful and rejuvenating sleep, peace of mind, and happiness.

Private Sessions:

We have a variety of private sessions available including dietary and lifestyle counseling, shiatsu massage, yoga, bodywork, and menu planning/cooking. Please click here for details.


I came to the Kushi Institute to support my sister in her healing. I not only believe she made a superb choice, but am so grateful to have experienced that knowledge and understanding of macrobiotics with her. Thank you for showing me this path. Penny Brill, California

Six weeks after beginning the healing diet and lifestyle, I felt better emotionally and physically than ever before in my life. Kushi Institute has given me the gift of life with vitality and joy! Rita Van Tassel, Colorado