Meet Our New Management

Ron Rowland, Executive Director

The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers of the Kushi Foundation are excited to welcome our new Executive Director Ron Rowland. Ron assumed the role of Executive Director at the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA, this August, immediately prior to the end of the Annual Summer Conference. Ron is a retiree from Shell International Exploration and Production, Inc. after 30 years of service. Ron spent more than 36 years in the international oilfields as a contractor, and company representative with roles as project manager, contract manager, project services manager and project engineer specializing in planning, scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, risk assessment and probabilistic analysis . He holds a BS degree from Tulane University and a Masters degree in Project Management from George Washington University School of Business. Ron is a Veteran of the United States Navy and graduated from the Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Leadership Program in 2015.

Amber Maisano, General Manager

We are also excited to announce that Amber Maisano, long time Kushi Institute Teacher and Chef has accepted the position of Interim General Manager. Amber has been formally studying macrobiotics for 11 years. She is a graduate of the Academy of Massage & Bodywork in Bear, DE, a graduate of the Level 4 Macrobiotic Leadership Program at Kushi Institute in Becket, MA, and a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Amber has served as KIs Kitchen Manager and Head Chef, and along with Teaching since 2011, currently serves as the institute’s Bodywork Practitioner. Amber has been working closely with Ron, Alex Jack and Edward Esko, to facilitate a smooth transition of management. Both Ron and Amber have set in place new initiatives to enhance the existing curriculum and content to ensure the best possible value for our students and participants.

In a statement of support, Alex and Edward stated;

“We are grateful for the opportunity to manage K.I. over the last several years, preserve Michio and Aveline’s legacy, and further our common dream of one healthy, peaceful world. We support the new management in their goal to make the school more efficient and productive.

New Managements Objectives;

  • Develop an efficient, well-ordered, disciplined and empowered organization.
  • Articulate and implement a new management structure defining authorities and account-abilities.
  • Define processes / duties of each staff-member / volunteer to analyze time commitments, data flow, reporting responsibilities and interfaces between other staff and processes.
  • Identify common processes and identify overlap and/or gaps in responsibilities.
  • Assist in review and optimization of each position and role by individual, clearly describe the primary responsibilities for each individual and secondary responsibilities during any absences.
  • Eliminate waste in processes, work flow, food, utilities and inefficiencies in routines.
  • Create a system to promote recommendations / suggestions for improvement ideas in all areas.
  • Educate all staff and volunteers about KI values and policies. Review and update the Kushi Institute policy Handbook for all staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure consistent, fair, and respectful treatment of all staff and volunteers.
  • Understand true cost and value of an optimal operation for future planning.
  • Commitment to a solid financial foundation to prepare the institute for stable growth.
  • Evaluate facilities, infrastructure and technology of existing systems to determine opportunities for improvements.
  • Review compensation/components for all staff levels of standardization and equalization.