Macrobiotic Internship Program

Program Description:

The Internship Program is purely for hands on experience in the classroom, apprentice study with a senior teacher, counselor, or cook, helping with running an international macrobiotic center, and for personal growth and self-development. It may be taken before or after Level 4.

There is no certification for the Macrobiotic Internship Program. The Program is essentially for gaining experience and building one’s resume. The Intern will receive a letter of completion for each week stating that he or she has satisfactorily completed the program and assisted Kushi Institute faculty and cooks. The Macrobiotic Internship Program is an adjunct, not a substitute, for the existing Levels Program. To receive a K.I. certificate for proficiency in teaching, counseling, and cooking, the Intern must still complete satisfactorily all six sessions of Level 4.

The goal of the Kushi Institute Internship Program is to train students and graduates in the arts of macrobiotic teaching, counseling, and cooking as part of their macrobiotic career path or personal self-development.

Interns will assist our faculty in lectures, consultations, and cooking classes during Way to Health and other selected programs, seminars, and workshops at throughout the year. Interns will participate in the following:

> Classroom presentations in front of Way To Health and other seminar participants with faculty advice, supervision, and guidance. Generally the apprentice will talk for about 15 minutes and assist the senior teacher in an hour and a half lecture.

> Assist teaching during cooking classes with faculty advice, supervision, and guidance. Generally the apprentice will present one dish or remedy during the class.

> Assisting during counseling sessions followed by counselor question and answer sessions about each case.

Each Intern will be assigned a faculty member who mentors the Intern’s progress during the week. The teacher may assign other “behind the scenes” tasks of running a macrobiotic center, including working in the office, helping in the kitchen, assisting in maintenance of the facilities or property, or whatever else needs to be done. It is a full immersion—Zen style—in all aspects of macrobiotic teaching and running an educational center. At the end of the week, the Intern and his or her mentor will discuss the educational progress during the week and the Intern’s future career plans or personal goals.