Keetsa Mattress Review

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    Getting adequate sleep is vital to living a long and healthy life. Restful night’s slumber can help with achy bodies, lethargy, overall grogginess and even aid in weight loss. Although this is common knowledge, many people walk around in a zombie-like caffeine-induced state.

    One crucial ingredient to proper slumber is a mattress that provides the ideal surface for sleeping and resting. That is where the eco-friendly team at Keetsa has stepped in to create superior mattresses that are made with the highest quality materials.

    Keetsa review – what mattress is best for me?

    The biggest consideration in choosing a mattress is what type of mattress is best for your needs and how you sleep.

    The first decision you need to make is if you need coil, foam or pillow top.

    A coil mattress is perhaps the most well-known and most used mattress type. Sleepers needing a bounce or tradition spring feel most likely will gravitate towards this category. Keetsa’s coil technology, iCoil, have independent coils that cradle you as you sleep and keep you from disturbing your partner.

    Foam mattresses have gotten more traction up in recent years. They are made of Memory Foam designed to lull you into a deep sleep and contour to your body. These are great for anyone suffering from aches and pains from sleeping.

    Pillow top can fall into both the coil and foam class because the soft, cushioned top layer can be added to either mattress type. They are ideal for those looking for a softer, more plush sleeping experience.

    Keetsa Mattress Reviews

    Now it is important that you also find the correct firmness level that’s perfect for your body type and how you sleep.

    Soft mattresses are perfect for those looking for a big hug and highly cushioned surface as they get into bed. Typically, they offer more sinkage than most other options. If you are a side sleeper you will want to opt for a softer option.

    If you are looking for something with less give, but still an inch or so of softness, medium-firm mattresses are a good fit. These are considered the universal mattresses as they combine the best of both worlds. Perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

    Firm mattresses have you almost hovering above the mattress and have a little give. Having a firmer mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers or anyone suffering from neck and back pain.

    With the type of mattress you need in mind it is easier to pick the best option for you.

    Keetsa is an eco-friendly company specializing in superior mattresses with a small carbon footprint made with choice materials. There are six different mattress models that vary in support and firmness. These options make sure each customer will find the perfect fit for them.

    An appealing material used in Keetsa mattresses for their upgraded memory foam dubbed BioFoam. Memory foam traditionally is comprised of petroleum oil, but Keetsa introduced cutting-edge BioFoam that consists of 12% plant-based caster bean oil.

    In addition to replacing a portion of the petroleum oil you will also find their EverGreen innovation, a green tea extract, blended with BioFoam to ensure lasting freshness and aid in neutralizing odors.

    All mattresses are made from materials that meet CertiPUR-US standards. Meaning that independent Laborites have verified their content, emissions, and durability. Also, there are no ozone depleters present in the creation of any foam used in their products and you will not find any mercury, lead, or heavy metals, or formaldehyde’s used.

    Though based out of California, Keetsa ships to anywhere in the US mainland and most of Canada for customer’s convenience. Showrooms can also be found in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and New York City if you are looking to take each model offered for a test drive!

    Their packaging is also eco-conscious and makes shipping your mattress a breeze. Compressed into a box you can easily move your mattress up and down stairs, in elevators, or put on the back of a moving truck.

    Our Recommended Mattress 2018: Puffy Mattress

    Finding the right model for you!

    There are six different models available for purchase. Here is a quick guide to each model’s distinct features and key benefits to aid in finding the mattress that is suitable to your needs.

    The Keetsa Plus

    The most pocketbook-friendly option is the standard Keetsa Plus Mattress that boasts iCoil technology, BioFoam, a comfort top, fire barrier and a 100% organic cotton canvas cover.

    Our Recommended Mattress 2018: Puffy Mattress

    With a firm, supportive base, the Keetsa Plus Mattress is optimal for those looking for a budget-friendly option that alleviates aching and sleep-related pain.

    The Keetsa Pillow Plus

    If you are looking for a softer alternative to the Keetsa Plus, your best option is the Keetsa Pillow Plus which is layered with a cushioned pillow top. This model is also reasonably priced and contains all the same features as the original Keetsa Plus.

    The Keetsa Cloud

    Don’t let the name deceive you, the Keetsa Cloud is a firm all-foam mattress.

    This model is comprised of 7.5” of support foam, 2.5” of BioFoam, and a 100% organic cotton canvas cover. With the contouring effect of BioFoam and the extra firm support given by the support foam, this mattress is perfect back and stomach sleepers.

    This is the firmest option offered by Keetsa and also reduces restless sleep.

    The Tea Leaf Classic

    The standard of the premium options is the tea leaf classic mattress.

    The anatomy of this model starts with independent supportive coils and ends with a luxurious hemp blend fabric cover. In between are layers of high-density foam, comfort foam, and BioFoam to promote a firm coil mattress.

    There is also a layer of breathable fiber padding under the hemp blend fabric to give this hybrid mattress it’s superior feel.

    The hemp blend fabric meets worldwide OEKO-TEX Standard of 100, meaning that they safe for direct contact with the skin and is eco-friendly.

    The Tea Leaf Supreme

    This medium-firm all-foam option has an incredible 4” thick layer of BioFoam on top of the 8” supportive foam bottom creating a high-quality pressure free sleep. The supportive foam will contour to your body no matter if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

    Like the standard version, the Supreme also has a hemp blend fabric cover.

    The Tea Leaf Dream

    Combining the bounce of coils and the supportive nature of Pressure Free foam the Tea Leaf Dream is the ultimate hybrid of the premium mattress options.

    After 7.5” of iCoil springs there is a 3” layer of pressure free foam followed by 2.5” of BioFoam creating maximum support and comfort.

    Build an entire collection with Keetsa mattresses.

    Keetsa also offers a variety of other eco-friendly products to build the ultimate bedding set.

    Bed Frames come in either steel or brushed steel and are raised 14” above the ground giving proper circulation around your mattress and plenty of storage space below. The stylish brushed steel that gives any room a modern look and feel.

    Not ready to trade in your mattress? Comfort layers offer the same eco-friendly technology and BioFoam found in Keetsa mattresses in toppers and covers for your existing bed.

    Fresh, new pillows are also a great way to spruce up your bed without replacing an entire mattress. Pillows from Keetsa have BioFoam inserts and feature EverGreen technology, green tea extract to neutralize odor, and 100% organic cotton covers all while working on contouring the head and neck while sleeping.

    Mattress protectors that battle against mites that can invest your mattress over time are a staple in any home.

    Bamboo sheets and other plush bedding items made with eco-friendly materials are also available to create a uniform sleeping experience.

    What are customers saying?

    I always want to make sure I am doing plenty of research before making any purchase, big or small, by scouring the internet for relevant and real reviews.

    I found some verified reviews from actual customers to find out more about their experience with Keetsa products to help find out if they are right for you.

    Aaron G says:

    This mattress is the perfect blend of firm and soft. One night on our Tea Leaf Classic is all it took for us to forget the doubts we had about a mattress in a box. One week in, love it even more. Backaches are gone, and there is definitely less flopping around to get comfortable in the middle of the night. We’re committed.

    Pauline M says

    We love the look of our Keetsa bed frame & it’s very comfortable. Unfortunately, it was squeaking a lot. We just added some WD40 at the joints and hopefully, that will do the trick.

    Sandra Says

    We are loving our Tea Leaf Contour Pillows! After getting the Tea Leaf Supreme last year our wonderful bed is now complete with the new pillows. Deep sleep every night.

    It’s time to upgrade

    If you are looking for a deeper sleep to promote your overall health, a great place to start is with what you lay your head on every night. Having adequate sleep boosts your energy, prevents aches and pains from sleeping.

    No matter your sleeping style, mattress preference, or budget; Keetsa has many mattress options that will fulfill your needs and provide sufficient sleep.

    Invest in your health today by purchasing a new mattress that is right for your body and will provide countless nights of blissful slumber.

    Our Recommended Mattress 2018: Puffy Mattress

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