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Experience the Kushi Macrobiotic Approach to Health and Healing
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Join us in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains to learn how the natural approach of macrobiotics can lead to health and healing.
From the 1960s onward, Michio and Aveline Kushi guided thousands of people toward greater health and happiness. Their lectures, seminars, and natural foods cooking classes inspired people around the world. Using the Kushi Macrobiotic Approach, thousands of people have successfully overcome illness and achieved genuine health.

The Kushis established the Kushi Institute in the Berkshires to serve as a learning center and healing retreat. Their belief was that the best way to learn macrobiotics and experience healing was to immerse oneself in a supportive residential environment with good food, study, the encouragement and support of others, and pristine natural surroundings.

Over the years, thousands of people with the following conditions have experienced recovery and improvement by adopting the Kushi Macrobiotic Approach (partial list):

The Kushi Macrobiotic Approach is actually quite simple. It postulates that health is our natural state of being. All that is required to achieve and maintain optimal health is to live in accord with nature’s laws, beginning with our daily food pattern.

The Way to Health Residential Program is designed to help you do exactly that. Created especially by Michio and Aveline Kushi, together with their senior faculty, the Way to Health Program will enable you to improve your health and vitality and experience relief from illness. The Way to Health Program will guide you through every step in the healing process, from the selection of healthful organic foods, to proper cooking techniques, to balanced and healthful exercise and activity, and finally to the discovery of the universal principles of natural living that lead to genuine health and happiness.

It is the most condensed yet comprehensive introduction to macrobiotics available anywhere.

This weeklong program runs once every month, Sunday to Saturday.

teaching at KI 1 w400With light daily exercise every morning, three nourishing macrobiotic meals a day, and a host of lectures, workshops, and hands-on cooking classes, the Way to Health Residential Program is filled with learning and activity.

Lectures about macrobiotics help you orient your understanding of health and diet; cooking workshops will give you a practical knowledge of how to work with whole foods to create meals that create genuine health; lectures on the macrobiotic approach to diet and health will give you a practical foundation for the recovery from illness and the establishment of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

There is also time to enjoy the serene natural beauty of our Berkshire campus. Daily walks are encouraged on our 600-acre campus of meadows and forest. You also have the opportunity to bond and network with fellow participants, as well as with teachers and staff. At the end of the week we will coach you on how to sustain and develop your personal practice of macrobiotics and provide you with resources for achieving your goals. There are options for ongoing support via phone, E-mail, and Skype.

About a year ago, I came to the Way to Health Program for help with Crohn’s disease. Since attending the Program, I’m now on NO medication!  Also, I finally heard the words I’ve been waiting to hear for 7 years from my doctor…I can get pregnant! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will always share my knowledge with others.”  Lea Sparrow Samon, Tennessee

Atmosphere for Enjoying the Seasonal Beauty of the Berkshires

A National Geographic survey listed the Berkshires of western Massachusetts as one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Each season has a special charm. In spring, the warm sun2977004272_3108cf3f18_o and fresh green uplift and
 inspire. The glory of summer induces relaxation, freedom, and oneness with the natural world. The spectacular colors and crisp clear air of autumn fill us with marvel at the beauty of nature and eternal laws of change. In winter, the gentle blanket of fresh snow aids us in our introspection and self-reflection. The clear fresh air of the Berkshires induces a healthy natural glow. Sunsets are spectacular. At night, the stars come out in their full glory. The Kushi Institute is convenient to Tanglewood Music Festival, Jacob Pillow Dance Festival, Norman Rockwell Museum, Clark Art Museum, and other area attractions.

Our campus is nestled deep in the heart of the Berkshire Hills. There are several on-campus housing options, including in the Main House and North Hall Dormitory. Each room has a lovely view of the Berkshire Hills and each is stocked with sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows, and an alarm clock. Night monitors are available should you have special needs.

A variety of room options are available, from shared double rooms with shared bath to private single rooms with a private bath. Our campus is compact; with buildings close enough to make transit quick and effortless. There are also off-campus options available should the need arise.

World Class Macrobiotic Cuisine

Photo May 30 w320Our world-class chefs have trained in Europe, Asia, and in the top natural food restaurants around the world. They have become private chefs for well-known celebrities. Our chefs select only the highest quality organic macrobiotic staples, from organic brown rice to handcrafted miso, from hand-harvested sea vegetables to specially prepared condiments. They rely on local organic farmers and retailers for fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. All foods and beverages are prepared using clean mountain water. The meals at the Kushi Institute reflect harmony with the seasons. Participants have the choice of more expansive gourmet macrobiotic dishes or more basic healing foods. Vegan cuisine is featured at all meals and there are always gluten-free options.

Two week stay option

Our Way to Health PLUS, a totally hands-on program offered directly after most Way to Health programs, gives you a chance to practice what you learned during Way to Health with daily cooking and menu planning workshops. Click on the following link to learn more about Way to Health PLUS.

Food and lifestyle choices DO make a difference in your health and ability to heal.  The Way to Health program could be the most important week of your life!  


“After attending Way to Health, I’m totally medication free.  I was hypertensive for 12 years and had a peptic ulcer for 3 months.  My doctors, relatives, and friends cannot believe the complete turn around in my health condition.”  Isabela Cabardo, California


Private Sessions with Kushi Institute Faculty and Therapists

The Kushi Institute has a variety of private sessions available, including Macrobiotic Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling with leading macrobiotic counselors, Shiatsu, Yoga, and Bodywork sessions with professional therapists, and private menu planning and cooking sessions with top macrobiotic chefs. Our staff will be happy to explain these options to you when you register or when you arrive.

I attended Way to Health for help with arthritis.  After several days, I already felt the energy of the delicious, balanced meals.  I realized that I was beginning a new way of thinking and living, but I never grasped how powerful and uplifting the process would become, and how it would begin to transform my daily life.” Charles Duvall


Airport shuttle service
The shuttle fee is $75 each way for a person coming to the program by themselves, or $200 for a group traveling together.



Recovered from Brain CancerEight years after attending Kushi Institute’s
Way to Health Program, Kevin Raymond is still CANCER FREE!Meet Kevin and watch his recovery story.

Economic Break Discount – Compare & Save:

Regular Way to Health Fee: $1,950.00

Regular Private Consultation Fee: $325.00

Regular taxi fee including tip:
Round-trip approx. $475.00

NEW Discount Price: $975.00!

Discounted Consultation Fee: $275.00

Kushi Institute Airport Shuttle Service Fee:
The shuttle fee is $75 each way for a person coming to the program by themselves, or $200 for a group traveling together.

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