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Designed to educate, invigorate, and empower you
to live life in a healthy, thriving manner.

From the day you arrive, you begin enjoying and benefiting from our delicious, health supporting meals, programs and retreat-like atmosphere.  Add to this experience with a range of private session offerings designed to educate, invigorate, and empower you to live a healthy, thriving life.  Feel renewed from the inside-out, benefiting from the Institute’s skilled macrobiotic counselors and body work practitioners.

For more information and to schedule a private session call: 1-413-623-5741 ext. 0 

 Or email: 

Appointments can be arranged before your arrival or booked during your stay, depending on availability and schedule.

with Bettina Zumdick

Do you have a dietary, nutritional or lifestyle question?  Do you need a home remedy or advice on cooking for a specific condition?  Bettina Zumdick, a senior Kushi Institute teacher and macrobiotic counselor, will answer your personal questions.  

Bettina has 30 years experience in the field of macrobiotic counseling.  She teaches cooking, diagnosis and health care and has over 20 years experience parenting.  She is currently overseeing the dietary guidelines for our forthcoming medical study with Tufts University on the macrobiotic approach to breast cancer.  

During your telephone session, Bettina will focus on solutions for you that are practical and realistic.  Your questions may include physical, emotional or mental challenges that are going on in your life.  Please note that all guidance is educational and is not to be considered medical advice.  

Your hot- line session lasts for 10-15 minutes.  For a complete 90-minute macrobiotic consultation including visual diagnosis and comprehensive dietary guidelines, please call us 413.623.6457 to schedule a personal, phone, or Skype session.  

*Payment by credit card only.  

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