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January 23, 2016

The Way to Health – Energy Snacks & Healthy Desserts.  Student videos sharing dessert and energy snack preparation.  Recipes for Seed Brittle and Couscous Cake with Dried Fruit Topping.  

January 19, 2016

Special Winter Sale; Profile – Notable Graduate – Marobiotic Leadership Program; Jessica Porter joins Kushi Summer Conference Lineup; Special Program this Spring with Warren Kramer:  Spring Detox – Love your Liver.

January 15, 2016

The Way to Health – Kushi Teacher Amber Maisano demos miso soup – video; recipe for miso soup; health benefits of miso soup. 

January 12, 2016

Leadership Program:  Bill shares his experience in this video interview, Summer Conference 2016 – Best-selling author and healing workshop facilitator Tom Monte is part of this year’s lineup, Special Cooking Class for Valentine’s, Calling all Volunteers, Thanking our 2015 Donors, Special Discounts & Offers. 

January 8, 2016

The Way to Health – The First Week of the Year.  

January 5, 2016

It’s a New Year – Count down to the Way to Health; Sign up now and receive a free consultation – $325 value; New:  Our 2-Day Personalized Retreat; Join us for one of this Year’s Special Programs – Warren Kramer teaches 3; Your Health – Our Hotline is Open; Our Favorite Macrobiotic Maxims; A Macro Recipe for You – Tempeh from our Contest Submissions; Shop the Kushi Store; Food for Thought – A Macro Quote.

December 29, 2015

The Way to Health Program – Possibly the Most Important Week of your Life; Help us meet our Annual Giving Goal – We’re Almost There; The Macrobiotic Leadership Program -the Foundation for Success; Remember Michio – Passed Away Peacefully One Year Ago;  Our Volunteers:  Thank you for Supporting our Mission; Healthy Macro Recipe:  Pinto Bean Stew.


July 2013
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Greeting – Having Fun & Staying Cool in the Summer by Warren Kramer – Quinoa Salad Recipe – Volunteer Benefits – Inspiring Letter from our Executive Director, Olaf Fischer – Connecting on Social Media

February 2013
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Thriving After Stomach Cancer – MINI Way to Health – Take 4 days to focus on your health! – Programs and Events Calendar – Help Make A Real Difference In Someone’s Life – Winners of Kushi Institute’s Annual Drive

December 2012
Inthis Newsletter You’ll find: – Level II Completion Ceremony – What Does 2013 Hold In Store For YOU? – Agar-agar: Better Than Just An Alternative – Programs and Events Calendar – What People Are Saying … – Recipe: Light Lemon Pudding – Recipe: Pear Tart with Pumpkin Seed Crust – Questioning Animal Gelatin – Book Review: Authentic Foods – Cognition and Leafy Greens – Making a Difference

March 2012
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – From Our Executive Director – Clinical Research Study, Seeking Participants – New Department Managers! – What People are saying… – Promote Good Health with Pickles – About Umeboshi Plums – Pickle Recipes – The Importance of Sleep – Raffle Winners! – Programs and Events Calendar – Help make a real difference in someone’s life!

December 2011
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – From Our Executive Director – The Year In Review- Superfoods -The Kushi Institute Experience – The Best Gift – Health! – Movie Review : Forks Over Knives – Preparing For Thanksgiving at Kushi Institute – Making a Difference – a Holiday Recipe: Glazed Pears with Raspberry Coulis.

November 2011
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – From Our Executive Director: Macrobiotics for Physical Strength – Red Meat Linked to Diabetes and Cancer – Where’s The Protein? – An Inpiring Hashimoto’s Story – Making a Difference

September 2011
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – From Our Executive Director: Greetings from the Beautiful Berkshires – Our Annual Thanksgiving Feast – FREE TALK: New Hope for MS Sufferers – Recipe: Savory Barley Mushroom Soup – Volunteer Opportunities

March 2011
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Kushi Store Featured Book: Mayumi’s Kitchen by Mayumi Nishimura – Kushi Institute Teacher to Speak at Upcoming Health Expo – Natural Help for Radiation Fallout – Making a Difference

November 2010
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Kushi Store Featured Book: Love, Sanae by Sanae Suzuki – Recovery Testimonial – A Message From Our Director – Recipe: Apple Filet with Aduki Glaze – Help Us Help Others

April 2010
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Openings for Volunteers and Paid Staff Positions – Featured Volunteer – Kushi Store Specials – Picture Recipe: Pressed Salad – Welcome Back Ed Esko – Help Us Help Others

November 2008
In this Newsletter You’ll find: – Welcome to our first Monthly Newsletter! – News from Kushi Institute – Article: Recovery from Kidney Cancer – Healing Foods – Kushi Kitchen Corner – Program Calendar – How To Support Us – Kushi Store Specials

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