Resources on Cancer and Diet

One out of every three Americans is now seeking alternative medical treatment, including dietary and nutritional approaches to cancer and other diseases.



Do you, or a friend or loved one, want to use the macrobiotic approach to support health recovery, or to maintain optimal health? If so, the best way to get started is with the guidance of experts.

At the week-long Way to Health program, experienced Kushi Institute faculty lead classes and workshops on macrobiotic cooking, menu planning, and principles, to give you the training needed to practice macrobiotics.

During the program you may meet with a counselor for a personalized health consultation to adjust the diet for your present condition, and add special dishes and home-remedies as necessary. Family members or friends are welcome to sit in on your session.

Offered most months of the year, you’re likely to find program dates that meet your time frame.

For more information or to register for the Way to Health program, call 1-800-975-8744.

Important Note: The macrobiotic approach to cancer is educational in its orientation, not medical. We strongly advise anyone with cancer, or who suspects they have cancer, to see a physician or other medical professional in conjunction with implementing the macrobiotic approach.

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